Cosmo ultrasonic waves laboratory Ltd.:Ultrasonic waves washing equipment
Corporate information
An outline of Cosmo ultra sonic waves laboratory Co.,Ltd
Established (at) 1980
President(company executive) Kazuo Yamaguchi
Business contents(substance・subject) For business remove stains machine.(Product sale and maintenance)

(for)Business ultra sonic waves washer machine.(design product and sale)(substitute machine for)Medical treatment.( and maintenance)
1980 Cosmo ultra sonic waves laboratory established(And we produce and sale at) ultra sonic waves washer and ultra sonic waves cutter.
1990 We development "splay gun" used at DC motor drive.(At first used DC motor in tht cleaning circles)
1991 We development structure exhaust could compulsion liquid of excration.[Patent right No.3381106]
1992 We development "Pro masser" product and sale.
Pro masser used DC motor drive for substitute machine for medical treatment.
1997 We development a new gun that without near the motor from in hand.(The gun is light and comfort using)[Under apply to patent right No.1997-169757]
2000 We development a new pump that no liquid excration.
That's a first development all of the world.[Under apply to patent right No.2000-394485]
2000 We development brare system that could when machine's switch off protect from liquid excration.[Under apply to patent right No.2000-394561]
2000 We development new type pump slot into the "splay gun"
2001 We development compact machine that make use of AC motor.
The machine name of "Pro masser" "Splay gun"
2002 We began to sale a new machine from our produce, and sale
Our original brand-name machine name of "Cosmo Super"
2003 We development new type of correspondence to regulation solvent between drancement.
Because solvent reguration is strict, so we development and suggestion of prepare for system make hot air for dry drancement.[Under apply to patent right No.2003-7057]
2004 We development steamgun.
The machine could easy to thermal dealing with stain removed at steam.
The machine system using just 100V and water.[Under apply to patent right No.2004-46345]
Patent right
Total under apply to patent right 13
Total patent right 2

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Corporate information

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