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Stain remover
Stain Remover series

Remover type 1 An Oil solution
…vegetable fat・Print ink・ball-point・shue polish・vermilion inkpad・grease・wax・lipstick・nail polish(manicure)・gum・tar・other oil stain

Remover type 2 An aqueous solution
…egg・gravy(sauce)・milk・cream・mayonnaise protein・sweat・urine such as excretion・suger・starchy things・soybeen paste(miso other vegetable fat stain)

Remover type 3 An Tan solution(TANNIN)
…tea・coffee・alcohol・cooler drink・tomato juice・tomato ketchup・juice・mustard・perfume

Remover type 4 Protein solution
…(same as Remover type 2)

Remover type 5 Oxide stain
…(sweat)yellowish・leftover stain・pigment・discolored with age

Remover type 6 Neutra lizer
…after using alkalinity

★Each quantity ……… 400cc(4kg)
Please read the instructions before use.

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