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Cosmo super100
Distinguished Reliability
Cosmo Super 24 X (Revised Edition)

1. A Spraygun that Utilizes the Drive of an Industry First Motor   (A New Design fbr Practical Use)
Succeeds in reducing the noise and caused by the 100V high performance motor and allowing liquid particles to jet out using the force of 1300rpms. This result makes possible the removal of stains without damaging the material.

2. The Adoption of a New Design Plunger Pump(patent pending)
Succeeds in solving the drainage problem that was unable to be solved by this and other companies unable now by using the latest model pump.

3. Environmentally Friendly-Very Economical
Until now,about 10% of the drainage was being thrown away. But by using this latest pump not even one drop of drainage is wasted.Because of this,It is able to operate without disposing of solvents that aren't good for the environment and without needlessly wasting expensive solvents.

4. Brake Mechanism (patent pending)
By means of this mechanism.When the switch is turned off,the flow of fluid stops instantly. Because of this,the trickling of even a few drops of fluid is eliminated the moment the switch is turned off.

5. Energy 0utPut Regulator
By means of this mechanism, though only the operation of a control knob at the base of the gun, you can regulate the output of the motor.

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Cosmo super100
Cosmo super24X(Revised Edition)
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